The AeroDrone Experience

I’m a certified FAA 107 sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Pilot. This allows me to fly my drone for commercial purposes such as in Real Estate, Weddings, Parties and Gatherings. Due to my current work schedule, I’m very selective and only do a handful of projects throughout the year. I primarily fly my drone for personal purposes or to help with a few group projects such as non-profit retreats. I’m looking forward to having more free time to take on a few additional projects in the future. Right now, it’s just a glorified hobby.

Very First Drone Test Project

The primary reason why I decided to buy a drone and possibly looking at creating a small side business was because I’ve always been interested in looking at properties. I would find a property on Zillow or some other website and the pictures were terrible. Here’s a tree. There’s a tree. Oh look, more trees.…

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