Overturning Roe: The Downside and Potential Consequences

Abortion has always been a highly debated topic in the United States and around the world. I put my initial concerns together in a previous post when the SCOTUS ruling was first leaked. You can read that here, A Christian’s Perspective to the ongoing Abortion Controversy

As a proponent of the pro-life movement, I feel overturning Roe will be a greater harm in the future, maybe soon. Hear me out.

The primary goal of pro-lifers is to love the mother and to love the baby. That the fetus isn’t a clump of cells, but is a baby that is forming in the mother’s room. It is a person worthy of dignity and value.

Since the Supreme Court has overturned Roe—they didn’t ban abortion—abortion is now left in the people’s hands and the elected representatives within the states. All fifty states will now have their very own abortion laws. From where I’m standing, this means that abortion has moved from some limits to no limits.

In the United States, abortion had one of the least restrictive terms… 24 weeks unless mother’s life was in grave danger. There are only 3 (or so) countries such as China that are beyond 24 weeks. Many pro-lifers want to ban abortion completely while some abortionists want no restrictions. Now that the Supreme Court has pushed the decision down to the states, approximately 26 states will have an abortion restriction or ban. A few with no exception for rape or incest. That leaves 24 states with less restrictive laws, including six states with no limits (New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon). You can check out the different state terms here.

This creates the weak link in the chain scenario. Travel is ubiquitous in the United States which makes abortion basically available for any person at any stage. There are already groups and movements positioning abortion tourism, specifically to help those that want an abortion but cannot afford it. If you live in a state like Kentucky with a complete abortion ban and decide you want to abort your baby at 22 weeks, make the appointment and drive to Illinois. Ooops. If you couldn’t make that appointment and you are now at 30 weeks, make the appointment and travel to Virginia. Shoot. If you missed that appointment or you were just too busy that day, no worries, make the appointment and travel to New Jersey.

Is this more inconvenient for the woman seeking abortion? Yes. But now, in the United States, abortion is completely unrestricted and is available for any person, at any time, for any reason.

As I outlined in my article, A Christian’s Perspective to the ongoing Abortion Controversy, and although I’m pro-life, I think Congress needs to get together and compromise on a reasonable abortion ban. My position was: 12 week federal law on abortion, better adoption laws, accountability for fathers, joint agreement laws, and additional funding. Congress should do their jobs and find a compromise, a middle ground that will serve the United States.

Do I feel like I’m being anti-Christian with this stance? A little. I believe everyone is made in the image of God, including babies that are being formed in their mother’s womb. But, I’m not the judge. Only God is the judge. I feel like I have a different job that I’m called to do… to love others, adopt children, and support the pregnancy and come alongside organizations. At this stage in my life, I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Standing on the corner yelling, “You are going to hell” doesn’t exactly support the What Would Jesus Do?

With love, Stephen.

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