I’m Writing A Book

I took a bold leap of faith to put pen to paper—well, thought to keystroke—and write a book. I have two that I’m working on. The first is a nonfiction book that was inspired by a blog post and encouraged by a realtor friend. Thank you, Jane!!! I’m about one-third complete; however, I put that... Continue Reading →

Newly Married with a New Home

Being newly married with a new home exposes the many responsibilities that you may not have thought about on your life’s journey. [NOTE: This first appeared on Medium.com on May 163, 2022, as I was testing a new platform] Doing chores and being responsible was the bane of your existence when you were a teenager... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Suicide as a Christian

How to mourn with the mourners and give living hope to the ones left behind [NOTE: This first appeared on Medium.com on January 6, 2022, as I was testing a new platform] The Statistics Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with over 47,500 deaths in 2019. That is one... Continue Reading →

Preparedness Series: Beyond The Emergency Fund

It is important to have an emergency fund. But, what comes next? In this survival preparedness series, we'll cover items such as food, water, fire, protection, first aid, etc. to help ensure you and your family can survive for weeks or months in the event of a prolonged disaster.

What Is Your Purpose? Is Your Spouse Aligned?

Are you struggling to find meaning after retirement or leading into retirement? Are you concerned and unsure what you will do? Finding your purpose on your Financial Independence or FIRE journey is critical. And equally important is to ensure your spouse is aligned. Do you have FIRE fever but your spouse isn't on-board? Here are my thoughts.

Inclusion and Value Matters Most

(originally posted by me on LinkedIn on May 9, 2020) "All lives can't matter, until black lives matter." Can I be open, honest, and even vulnerable? Especially in context with Ahmaud Arbery? I saw a picture the other day and it has haunted me the last few days... Photo Credit: "All Lives Can't Matter, Until... Continue Reading →

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