Stephen Legler Blog Reboot

It’s been about 3.5 years since my last post on this personal blog site.  When I first launched my blog, it’s primary focus was on technology interests as an employee working for Microsoft.  Since the last post, my position has changed (from a Windows Technical Architect to a Surface Solutions Specialist) and the means by... Continue Reading →

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10

All Good Things Must Come To An End Well, I hope that isn’t the case.  Today is my last work day in Kenya and my flight leaves tomorrow, Saturday, night around 10:30p.  I have made a few great relationships that I hope will last forever… and, I would absolutely love to visit Kenya again.  More... Continue Reading →

Windows Tablets for Enterprise Total Economic Impact

Forrester has published a new document, Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Tablets – Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Windows Tablets for the Enterprise.”  Forrester collected data from 60 enterprise organizations currently using Windows or non-Windows tablets.  The subsequent analysis found a solid 128% ROI and many benefits specific to Windows devices: 46%... Continue Reading →

Bing Turns 5… and gets new Friends turned five years old on June 3, 2014.  It was in 2009 when Microsoft wanted to create a fresh approach to search - “one that was anchored around the mission of empowering people with knowledge- helping them do more, not just search more.” Over the years, Bing has made major improvements and has been... Continue Reading →

MySkills4Afrika – Summary Posts

I still need to complete a few posts as I have recently finished my 2 week engagement in Kenya as part of the MySkills4Afrika.  But, I thought I would go ahead and start creating my 1 Post that will list and highlight my experiences just in case you don’t want to scroll through all of... Continue Reading →

Tim Cook and Apple’s Fuzzy Math

I am now back at home in Michigan (arrived Sunday morning after my 24 hours of travel from Nairobi Kenya) and decided to use Monday as a recovery day from my two week work engagement in Kenya. On Monday, I decided to watch Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 14 Keynote.  It took Tim Cook a total... Continue Reading →

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 09

When I started on my journey to Kenya, I packed my bags and packed my devices.  Although I’m here on business, there is no doubt that I wanted to be a tourist as well.  For most that means packing your overly expensive and rather large camera (maybe it is a super sized Nikon) with your... Continue Reading →

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 08

It’s Friday… my last full day of work in Kenya has been completed.  I still have a few more journal entries I want to write about but it may take me a few days to get them completed and posted.  On Saturday, I will be waking up super early (4:00a) and will be heading to... Continue Reading →

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