Very First Drone Test Project

The primary reason why I decided to buy a drone and possibly looking at creating a small side business was because I’ve always been interested in looking at properties. I would find a property on Zillow or some other website and the pictures were terrible. Here’s a tree. There’s a tree. Oh look, more trees. I would then drive the 2.5 – 3.5 hours up to the middle of nowhere to see if the 10 to 40 acres of land was worth purchasing. When I got there, it would be really difficult to truly determine if this was the piece of land that I would want to purchase. It would have a lot of trees with some open patches, but you really couldn’t get an idea if this was the dream property. Most of the time I would leave feeling defeated and wasting 7 hours on a Saturday.

Over the years, I was getting really frustrated. Real Estate droning was (and kinda still is) relatively new. Nobody was doing any work to truly showcase the property. There isn’t a better view than if you had an eagle’s eye doing a flyover. So, I bought a drone and set out to help me better assess the property I was looking at with a potential to purchase as my possible retirement location or getaway property. I also thought I could then make the service available to my real estate friends or the real estate industry as my schedule and time allows.

For my very test flight, I have a friend that has a 40 acre piece of property in the middle of nowhere Michigan. I remember discussing this property and their process in selecting it and they shared with me the difficulty it was trying to find their ideal property. They ended up walking the property and it was the perfect place for them. I asked if I could use their property for some test flights and video captures.

Below is the output of my very first, inexperienced drone flight of their property. Their piece of land is a slice of heaven. In my opinion, it is the ideal piece of land. This property sat for sell for a long time because nobody could really understand and appreciate the beauty. I believe it is because the real estate agent didn’t take time to give the drone flyover experience. I’m confident that it would have sold within days, and probably for more money, if they had given it the full treatment it deserved.

NOTE – Ignore the website referenced in the video. I have shut the site down and collapsed into this site going forward.

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