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Preparedness Series: Beyond The Emergency Fund

It is important to have an emergency fund. But, what comes next? In this survival preparedness series, we’ll cover items such as food, water, fire, protection, first aid, etc. to help ensure you and your family can survive for weeks or months in the event of a prolonged disaster.

When Bad Advice Meets… Well, It’s Just Bad Advice

The best time to start saving for your retirement is today. Do not wait and do not listen to bad advice that may say you can afford to wait. That is just bad advice.

Book Review: The Simple Path To Wealth

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on Simple Path To Wealth by JL Collins

Side Hustle Series: Commercial Drone Pilot (FAA 107 Certification)

What is needed to fly your drone for commercial, money paying engagements? You will need to become a certified FAA 107 sUAS Commercial Pilot. This post provides an overview on how to make this a reality for you.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in incorporating affiliate marketing into your blog, check out Michelle’s course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – which provides the lessons she used to go from $0 to $50,000 per month in affiliate income.

Book Review: Set For Life

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on Set For Life by Scott Trench

Side Hustle Series: Fiverr – Freelance Contractor

How to get started as a Freelance Contractor with the popular FIVERR service.

What Is Going On With GameStop (GME) and Should You Get In?

What is going on with GameStop (GME) and should you get in? If you don’t know what is happening, here is a quick summary.

Book Review: The Next Millionaire Next Door

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on The Next Millionaire Next Door.

Book Review: The Automatic Millionaire

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on The Automatic Millionaire.

What Is Your Purpose? Is Your Spouse Aligned?

Are you struggling to find meaning after retirement or leading into retirement? Are you concerned and unsure what you will do? Finding your purpose on your Financial Independence or FIRE journey is critical. And equally important is to ensure your spouse is aligned. Do you have FIRE fever but your spouse isn’t on-board? Here are my thoughts.

Faith, Family, and Finances

Stephen Legler’s friend and pastor shares with the community how he discusses and teaches his children about saving and spending through the use of the envelope system.

The Time Value of Money

Why does it matter to invest as much money as you can, the earliest that you can even if you stop later in life? Because of the Time Value of Money. I showed this example to my kiddos several years ago and it was… Continue Reading “The Time Value of Money”

Where It All Began – Money

It is generally said that you should never talk about religion, money, or politics. Although I completely disagree as these are three of my most favorite topics to discuss regardless of your position, I do find that money seems to be the one least… Continue Reading “Where It All Began – Money”

Stop! Read! VTSAX or its equivalents

As I’m in the process of moving my content over to a single website, I had to stop and share this. I get questions all of the time on what stocks are hot, how should someone invest their money, or how to setup their… Continue Reading “Stop! Read! VTSAX or its equivalents”

How To Create A $1,000 Emergency Fund Using Pocket Change

63% of Americans don’t have enough in their savings to afford a $500 or $1,000 emergency. This article highlights how to create an emergency fund using a modern day version of pocket change (known as round-ups). Introducing Round-Ups Dust off your old piggy bank… Continue Reading “How To Create A $1,000 Emergency Fund Using Pocket Change”