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This blog is owned and managed by me, Stephen M. Legler.

It is a place for me to put consolidate my thoughts and passions on various topics including personal finance, charities, technology, my hobbies and faith. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY but have lived the last 18+ years in Southeast Michigan. I love college basketball; especially, my Louisville Cardinals.

Professionally, I am a 20+ year employee of Microsoft (as of January 2001). I’m currently focused on Data & AI Solutions.

This blog is NOT an official Microsoft Blog and all views and posts are my own. I am not a Financial Advisor, a Financial Expert, an Accountant/CPA, or an Attorney. This site and my opinions should be viewed as entertainment purposes only.

I have recently updated and refreshed this blog. I have shifted the focus of this blog (from 100% technology focus) to focus and share things that I’m passionate about — which could include technology interests, personal finance and being prepared for retirement, and some of my side projects.

If interested, you can review my high-level bio.

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/smlegler (mixture of business, political, and personal interests)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/slegler (100% Business/Technology Focused)

All views expressed in this blog are my own personal views and may not be endorsed by Microsoft or my friends or family. Read at your own risk.


Stephen M. Legler

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