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MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well, I hope that isn’t the case.  Today is my last work day in Kenya and my flight leaves tomorrow, Saturday, night around 10:30p.  I have made a few great relationships that I hope will last forever… and, I would absolutely love to visit Kenya again.  More on that later.

For Friday, I have a few things that I need to do and the coordination needs to be 100% in sync; or, I will probably let someone down as I won’t be at the right place at the right time.

image 8:00a – Joram and my ride show up at my hotel to take me to USIU (United States International University).  The Microsoft team has had in place for several weeks a day long event titled “Microsoft connection and Dev Camp Event.”

It was a day long event with special focus on devices, development, and our the introduction of our DreamSpark program – where students can use their software access cards for FREE genuine Software for Development.  More info on DreamSpark can be found here.

image At first, the event was slow to start as the students trickled in… but, I would guess we had 50 or more in attendance between students and faculty.

I presented first as I needed to leave shortly after to make it back to the Microsoft Kenya office for an internal conference call.  At USIU, it was a great opportunity to showcase the diversity of Windows-based tablet devices and phones and discussing how the single device could be both a Tablet and PC/Laptop replacement.  Overall, the attendees were excited to see the new form factors that are being made available… and a few already had Windows Phones (Windows Phones in Kenya has about 11.4% adoption).


Off I go…

Mariam arranged for a taxi at 11a to rush me to the Microsoft Office.  I was the key speaker for their monthly call and I had huge shoes to fill.  My introduction for the team that was sent a few days ago listed “Become the Ultimate Device Seller – we are delighted to announce that the session will be delivered by an award-winning guest speaker, Stephen Legler.”  I had to see if I knew this guy so I looked over my shoulder.  What an introduction… and an honor.

The call has Microsoft attendees from the West, East and Central African markets.  There are normally 100+ attendees that join this call.  Today, we had about 60-65… I trust that the attendance was a little light because it is the last month of our fiscal year… and not the speaker, me.

I think the call went well and I truly enjoyed meeting (at least virtually) the many Microsoft employees that support Africa.  The world is BIG and SMALL… we all have many of the same challenges and opportunities that we can rally around.

After the call, I had a quick meeting with Kunle, the Country Manager for Kenya.  We spent several minutes going over the last two weeks and I hope I was worth his team’s time and resources.  I know it was an experience I will never forget.

I then caught a taxi back to the hotel arriving around 4p… thinking that’s it.  That is the last time I will see my Kenya colleagues… maybe forever or maybe for several months or years.

At the hotel, I began to tidy up a few things so packing tomorrow wouldn’t be such a big exercise.  Around 7p, I went downstairs and had my final meal at the Fairmont Hotel – a nice Ribeye Steak and Garlic Mash Potatoes.  Near the end of the meal I noticed I missed 4 calls on my cell phone because the volume was turned off… it was Andrew (my “handler”).

I went back to my room and was ready to settle down for the evening but called Andrew to see if he needed anything urgently.  He let me know that majority of the Microsoft Kenya office was having dinner at the Fairview hotel and I was invited to join them.

I did.

Not only was it a good time hanging with the team in a more casual setting, I was able to get a picture with all of the wonderful people I worked with throughout the week (missing from this photo are Andrew, Winnie, Mary, James, Robert at the very least).


It is now around 10:30p and I need to get up at 4a to squeeze in ONE MORE tourist activity – Sweeetwaters.  You might think that I’m a wise person and would head back to the hotel… but, I didn’t.  Three of the Microsofties wanted to go to a local bar/pub (or whatever you guys call it) and I was invited to go.  WHY NOT I say. 

I ended up leaving the late night get-together around 12:30a… arrived at my hotel around 1a (with my kidneys intact – inside joke w/ my Kenyan colleagues) and finally dozed off to sleep at 2a.  My morning call at 4a is something I’m not looking forward to… I guess I’ll sleep on the plane or back at home.


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Windows Tablets for Enterprise Total Economic Impact

image Forrester has published a new document, Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Tablets – Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Windows Tablets for the Enterprise.” 

Forrester collected data from 60 enterprise organizations currently using Windows or non-Windows tablets.  The subsequent analysis found a solid 128% ROI and many benefits specific to Windows devices:

  • 46% improved productivity for “road warriors”
  • Device consolidation and reduced device purchase costs
  • Reduction in annual device licensing, management, and support costs
  • Reduction in annual costs related to device security
  • Reduced errors from users of Windows tablet devices


If you are a customer of mine and have interest in this report, please get in touch with me.

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Hyatt chooses Windows Phones over iPhone & Android… saves 33 Percent

I have nothing more to add… just want to share the story.

“We can make changes on-the-go to spreadsheets and presentations. And the interoperability between desktop and Windows Phone is seamless.” -Mike Blake, Global CIO

When Hyatt Hotels was ready to replace BlackBerry phones it deemed “archaic,” it turned to Windows Phone over iPhone and Android. Now, corporate managers and executives edit documents on the phones by using the same Microsoft Office 365 applications that they use everywhere else. Hotel staff has successfully tested the phones for line-of-business apps such as check-in service. And total cost of ownership has declined by 33 percent.

Check out the Case Study:  Hyatt Corporation

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Bing Turns 5… and gets new Friends

image turned five years old on June 3, 2014.  It was in 2009 when Microsoft wanted to create a fresh approach to search – “one that was anchored around the mission of empowering people with knowledge- helping them do more, not just search more.”

Over the years, Bing has made major improvements and has been recounted by the Bing team on their blog earlier in the week.  Major leaps include:

  • 2009 – The Semantic Web
  • 2010 – A Social Explosion
  • 2011 – Tablets and Mobility
  • 2012 – Intelligence
  • 2013 – The Digital World

All of which is creating a powerful platform for the world to take advantage of… which brings me to the “Bing gets new Friends” topic.

Earlier this week, Apple announced at their Worldwide Developer Conference that Bing will be more integrated into iOS and Mac OS X Yosemite.  Bing has already been powering the results for Apple’s Siri.

Ewan Spence, of, published and article titled – Apple’s WWDC Announcements Threatened Google’s Dominance in Mobile Search.

In the article, I found this tidbit to be the most exciting for Microsoft and Bing

Android may hold the larger market share, but Apple generates more web traffic. Android represents only 44.5% of web traffic generated by smartphones in North America, while Apple accounts for a majority with 53.1% and I would assume that means the lions share of mobile search queries. As mobile continues to grow, Google will need to adapt to the changing mobile space if Mountain View wishes to remain the number one search engine. That adaption can no longer count on any search engine traffic coming from Apple.

Here is to wishing much success to Bing during the next 5+ years!

So, why don’t you take this opportunity to Start Your Day with Bing.

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MySkills4Afrika – Summary Posts

Legler_4AfrikaAlumni_v3 I still need to complete a few posts as I have recently finished my 2 week engagement in Kenya as part of the MySkills4Afrika.  But, I thought I would go ahead and start creating my 1 Post that will list and highlight my experiences just in case you don’t want to scroll through all of my posts at my website.  As always, thanks for visiting and reading.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 01
A quick summary of the first two days while in Kenya

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 02
A quick summary of my trip to Tanzania (from Kenya) and my silly shopping experience.  Also, a farewell to a new colleague I met while in Kenya.  Plus, visits to Nairobi University and Hillcrest

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 03
My Saturday trip to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and The Rift Valley View Point.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 04
My Sunday trip to the Nairobi View Point, Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum, Kazuri Ceramic Beads, and Mamba Village.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 05
My quick post titled “A Taste of Home Far, Far Away” where I ate at a local KFC (that’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Y’all).

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 06
My visit to the Nairobi National Park before work on Monday.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 07
My most awesome trip and experience visiting Karirana, The Home of Eden Tea.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 08
A quick post showing the number and location of the web visitors to my blog as a result of my MySkills4Afrika posts.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 09
A post on using my Nokia Lumia 1020 as my ONLY camera for pics and videos during my tourist trips to the Kenyan hotspots.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10
All Good Things Must Come To An End… or, do they?  My last work day in Kenya and a special invitation

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 11
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on Safety and Security

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 12
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on People

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 13
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on my Farewell

Thank you for visiting & reading. 

If you haven’t already, please download my very first Windows 8 game – Simple Simon Said.  I have a personal goal of 500+ installs worldwide.  I’m currently at 260 (as of June 3, 2014 –– 2.5 weeks since publishing it to the Windows Store).

Simple Simon Said for ALL Windows 8/8.1 Devices


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Tim Cook and Apple’s Fuzzy Math

I am now back at home in Michigan (arrived Sunday morning after my 24 hours of travel from Nairobi Kenya) and decided to use Monday as a recovery day from my two week work engagement in Kenya.

On Monday, I decided to watch Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 14 Keynote.  It took Tim Cook a total of 10 minutes and 45 seconds to try and take a swipe at Microsoft.  Mr. Cook showcased the following slide:


The slide shows that Mavericks has been adopted by 51% of the Mac install based which is roughly 40 million users running OS X Mavericks.  He then compared that percentage against Windows 8/8.1 which has about 14% of the install based and said “need I say more?” 

Well Tim, you do need to say more.  As pointed out by several media outlets and bloggers, the devil is always in the details.  It is estimated that 1.25 billion people are running Windows and has nearly 91% of  the worldwide PC market.  By my estimation, Windows 8/8.1 is then running on nearly 175 million devices worldwide.

I really liked how WMPowerUser summarized this on their blog post – Apple’s Latest Blunder During WWDC Keynote, Comparing Windows 8 Adoption With OS X Mavericks:

He [Tim Cook] made this point to developers to highlight the fact that OS X has more users on the latest version, but as per his stats developers should target over 140 million Windows 8 users instead of much less in number OS X users.

If I use StatCounter’s website by selecting the Desktop and Tablet Operating System, it appears to me that Windows 8/8.1 is NOW the 2nd most popular OS Worldwide.


Windows 7 sits at the #1 spot with 48.54% of the market, Windows XP is slowly decreasing and is currently powering 13.72% of the worldwide market.

How do they rank?  Here it is:

  • Windows 7 = 48.54%
  • Windows 8/8.1 = 13.75%
  • Windows XP = 13.72%
  • iOS = 7.72%
  • Mac OS X = 7.6%
  • Windows Vista = 3.36%

Some may ask if it is unfair that I’ve combined Windows 8 with Windows 8.1.  I don’t think so.  The main point of the conversation is to figure out what platform to target when developing apps.  Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have the same core and API runtime (WinRT) so they can be viewed the same when trying to look at the numbers of potential devices to target your application.  As a developer, you can target the 7.6% of devices running on Mac OS X, or the 13.75% of the market running Windows 8 and 8.1.

How are the numbers when looking at the United States Only?


  • Windows 7 = 37.89%
  • Windows 8/8.1 = 14.47%
  • Mac OS X = 14.06%
  • Windows XP = 12.67%
  • iOS = 10.06%
  • Windows Vista = 4.53%

To provide a different view, here are the stats from Net Applications (May 2014):


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