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I want to be as transparent as possible and I want to be upfront on how this website is used to monetize and offset costs and potentially creates a small source of funds. There are several aspects to help with the monetization of my efforts to bring content to you – WordPress WordAds, Affiliate Links, Premium Content, Courses, Online Store, and Donations. More information on each of these aspects can be found below.

How I Make Money

WordPress WordAds – WordAds is the official advertising program for WordPress sites and features ads from external ad networks such as Google, Facebook, AOL, and more. You will notice these ads are generally placed at the bottom of the blog posts and one at the bottom of the side menu bar. I try to make these as unobtrusive as possible. If you see a served ad that may interest you, I would appreciate it if you click on the ad to review the information. Your two second click and ten second review does help.

Affiliate Links – Affiliate links may be placed in appropriate and related blog posts and possibly on pages, the side menu bar, and/or offered courses and premium content. These will either be a direct relationship with the person or company that has something I think is of value to you. If you use the affiliate link and end up purchasing or subscribing to their content, I may receive a small percentage from the originator; usually in the range of 2% – 10%. A list of direct affiliate links are listed below.

Premium Content – As the content continues to be built, there will be certain items that will be labeled as Premium Content. Premium could be content that is FREE or DISCOUNTED but requires you to subscribe to our email list or could be a FREE or PAYABLE course that is made available.

Courses – We will be adding courses in the coming weeks and months. These courses will be either first party or third party content that could be FREE, DISCOUNTED, or AFFILIATED.

Online Store – Just Cause Market is our primary online store that features a number of first party items or items that are in a Cause Collection which provides a storefront for various not-for-profits, small businesses, etc. that want to leverage a landing page for their organization or team (i.e. you have a running club but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a Shopify Store or Etsy Shop).

Donations – There will be a donation button if you would like to help support me and the content produced. Additionally, from time-to-time I may try to raise money for a specific cause and I would like to ask you to partner with me to help raise funds (i.e. I used this approach to try and raise funds for the Australian Wildfire efforts)

Direct Affiliate Links

The following links are my affiliate links that you may see throughout the website where it makes sense. The plans and benefits can change at any time. I will try to keep this information up-to-date but know that I have no control over the programs listed below.

  • Amazon Affiliate Links – most of the books I recommend are linked back to Amazon where I may receive a small commission if you purchase the book or other items.
  • SoFi – I’ve used SoFi for a personal loan consolidation as well as my most recent (March 2021) mortgage refinance. The following links are available if you are looking for a Personal Loan or Student Loan refinancing.
  • Fiverr – I have established an affiliate link with Fiverr which will provide a small percentage of your first engagement with your first client (at no cost to you).
  • Glowforge – Glowforge is a 3D Laser that allows you to cut, engrave, and etch wood and other materials for you to make various crafts. Receive a $500 discount on a Glowforge Pro or $250 discount on a Glowforge Plus. I will also receive the equivalent in Glowforge credits.
  • Acorns – As a user of Acorns, they have a friends and family referral program. If you use my friends invitation, you will receive $5 and I will receive $5 in our Acorns account.
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – I first hear of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from this Forbes article and then listened to a number of interviews including the one from Entrepreneur’s YouTube video. I decided to jump in and take Michelle’s course on Affiliate Marketing to see if she could help me fast track the integration with my blog. I think you will gain value too. Check out her course.
  • Printful – Printful is the Print-on-Demand service I use that funnels products to my Just Cause Market online store.
  • WordPress WordAds – WordPress WordAds may be leveraged; however, I try to limit the annoyance as much as possible. I may earn a small commission if you click or purchase on any of these ads.
  • Google AdSense – Google AdSense may be leveraged; however, I try to limit the annoyance as much as possible. I may earn a small commission if you click or purchase on any of these ads.

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