Month: January 2021

Book Review: Set For Life

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on Set For Life by Scott Trench

Miss Jane Pittman Leaves Behind a Legacy

Cicely Tyson passes away. She portrayed Miss Jane Pittman which left an impact on so many over the decades. You will be missed Cicely. You will always be Miss Jane Pittman to me.

Side Hustle Series: Fiverr – Freelance Contractor

How to get started as a Freelance Contractor with the popular FIVERR service.

What Is Going On With GameStop (GME) and Should You Get In?

What is going on with GameStop (GME) and should you get in? If you don’t know what is happening, here is a quick summary.

The Love For A Good Puzzle

The lost art of doing puzzles. If you are looking for a community, I might have something of interest for you. In this hyper busy age, let’s do our part to slow down and enjoy a great puzzle. It isn’t only a stress reliever, but will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Book Review: The Next Millionaire Next Door

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on The Next Millionaire Next Door.

Book Review: The Automatic Millionaire

Stephen Legler’s Book Review on The Automatic Millionaire.

My Inspirational Playlist

Are you needing a few songs for some inspiration? Check out some of my favorites to get your mind to focus on the things that matter most. Heavenly things over Earthly things and others above self.

What Is Your Purpose? Is Your Spouse Aligned?

Are you struggling to find meaning after retirement or leading into retirement? Are you concerned and unsure what you will do? Finding your purpose on your Financial Independence or FIRE journey is critical. And equally important is to ensure your spouse is aligned. Do you have FIRE fever but your spouse isn’t on-board? Here are my thoughts.

Faith, Family, and Finances

Stephen Legler’s friend and pastor shares with the community how he discusses and teaches his children about saving and spending through the use of the envelope system.

Very First Drone Test Project

The primary reason why I decided to buy a drone and possibly looking at creating a small side business was because I’ve always been interested in looking at properties. I would find a property on Zillow or some other website and the pictures were… Continue Reading “Very First Drone Test Project”

My Life Scripture

Do you have a scripture that resonates with you? Everyone knows John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (ESV) It’s the first one that you will learn.… Continue Reading “My Life Scripture”

The Time Value of Money

Why does it matter to invest as much money as you can, the earliest that you can even if you stop later in life? Because of the Time Value of Money. I showed this example to my kiddos several years ago and it was… Continue Reading “The Time Value of Money”

Where It All Began – Money

It is generally said that you should never talk about religion, money, or politics. Although I completely disagree as these are three of my most favorite topics to discuss regardless of your position, I do find that money seems to be the one least… Continue Reading “Where It All Began – Money”

Quick Reflection on 20 Years

Today is a pretty special day as I cross the 20 year milestone as an employee with Microsoft. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday. So many things have transpired since January 2001. I was hired just before Microsoft ANNOUNCED (Feb… Continue Reading “Quick Reflection on 20 Years”

Stop! Read! VTSAX or its equivalents

As I’m in the process of moving my content over to a single website, I had to stop and share this. I get questions all of the time on what stocks are hot, how should someone invest their money, or how to setup their… Continue Reading “Stop! Read! VTSAX or its equivalents”

Favorite COVID Games

We are nearing 10 months of being completely sheltered during the COVID “pandemic.” Over the course of the last few months, there have been countless card games, board games, and dice games that we have played. But, there has been one game that has… Continue Reading “Favorite COVID Games”

Inclusion and Value Matters Most

(originally posted by me on LinkedIn on May 9, 2020) “All lives can’t matter, until black lives matter.” Can I be open, honest, and even vulnerable? Especially in context with Ahmaud Arbery? I saw a picture the other day and it has haunted me… Continue Reading “Inclusion and Value Matters Most”