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How good is the Lumia 1020 for Videos?

imageI just did a post on the picture quality of the Lumia 1020 and I thought I would do a quick post on the video quality of the Lumia 1020.  If you are looking for an amazing phone that also does a superb job at taking videos, take a look at the Lumia 1020.

How good is it?  Take a look at Ellie Golding’s music video (and the behind the scenes video).

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You

Ellie Goulding’s Music Video

This music video was shot entirely with the Lumia 1020*.

Music Video shot entirely with the Lumia 1020

Behind the Scenes

Here is the Behind the Scenes on the making of the above video.

Behind the Scenes–Ellie Goulding–How Long Will I Love You


*Video shot with the Nokia Lumia 1020. Audio recorded with an external mic. Video edited on Final Cut Pro.

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How good is the Lumia 1020 for Pictures?

imageThere have been a number of articles posted about this already, but I wanted to do my own post.  I was at the Detroit Airport about a week ago and when I pulled out my Lumia 1020 so I could show my boarding pass, the attendant began asking me  “Is the picture quality really that good on that phone?”  So, I responded… “let’s see.”

This is the picture I took at the Detroit airport

Lumia1020_Big Picture

But, that wasn’t the most impressive part about the conversation.  I showed her how I could zoom in on things I didn’t realize were there.  Although this next photo isn’t super clear, it showcases how you can zoom in on the farthest objects and still get a sense of what was taken.

Lumia1020_TSA Sign

I’m assuming you can see where I zoomed to, but just in case, here is the TSA sign that I zoomed in on.

Lumia1020_Big Picture 2

The phone does an amazing job at taking photos and videos.  When you take a photo, it saves two (2) copies – a 5 MP and a 41 MP file.  The 5 MP file allows for easy sharing of the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or sending it through text messaging/email.  The 41 MP file makes it super easy to capture your family photo or vacation location and have confidence that you can develop large prints for your home (or for the kid’s grandparents).

My photo example probably doesn’t do it justice.  Go to Nokia’s website where you can learn more about the Lumia 1020.

Printed Photo Size

How important is that 41 MP camera in the Lumia 1020?  Well, if you want to take those stunning photos and print them, you should have confidence that you will get clear prints up to 17 inches x 25 inches.

I found a post at Design215 that describes this pretty well:

Each colored box represents a certain number of megapixels. The numbers along the top and left side are print dimensions in inches at 300ppi (pixels per inch). Most books and magazines require 300ppi for photo quality. For example, the chart shows that you can make a 5″ x 7″ photo quality print from a 3 megapixel camera.

(picture taken from Design215’s web post)

Nokia’s Photo Example



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Lumia 1020–Red Bull Art of Motion Video

How does your video camera stack up?  Better yet, how does your Mobile Phone’s video camera stack up?  Check out this video that was created by producer Claudiu Voicu.  The entire video was captured using three (3) Nokia Lumia 1020 devices.

You can also read the story behind the video at:  Free runtastic!  Is this the coolest video ever shot on a Nokia Lumia 1020?

Epic Red Bull “Art of Motion”

*It was edited in Adobe Premiere and Aftereffects

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Paul Thurrott’s thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 520

Just a quick share of Paul Thurrott’s thoughts on the Lumia 520 – In Praise of the Nokia Lumia 520

While lemming-like consumers are engorging themselves on yet another me-too iPhone release this week, I’d like to remind the more sophisticated in the audience about a better gadget buy: Nokia’s amazing Lumia 520. This inexpensive new device can be anything you want it to be: A first or second smart phone, a digital media player, a GPS, whatever. And it only costs $99, not $550 like an iPhone 5C or $300 or more for an iPod touch.

I just bought one of these as my throw-away demo phone so I could tie it to my demo account.  It was a great complimentary device to my Nokia Lumia 1020.

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Delta adopts Windows Phones for 19,000 airlines attendants


Today, Delta published a press release that “more than 19,000 Delta Airlines attendants will begin using Windows Phone 8 handsets.”  The airlines attendants will be using these devices to better serve their customers, including:

  • Near real-time credit card processing for on-board purchases, including upgrades to Delta’s popular Economy Comfort seating. On-board Economy Comfort upgrades will begin on transcontinental and international flights before being offered on flights across Delta’s system
  • Convenient eReceipts  that can be emailed to customers
  • Customer’s use of pre-paid credit cards for on-board purchases
  • Quicker transaction processing times.
  • In the near future, the ability to read coupons displayed on a customer’s mobile device.
  • More efficient service recovery

Quote from Delta

“Delta’s 19,000 in-flight professionals are there for the safety and comfort of our customers, and equipping them with innovative solutions means they can better meet our customers’ needs on board every flight,” said Joanne Smith, senior vice president – In-Flight Service. “This is yet another way we’re investing in technology to improve the customer experience.”

Additionally, Delta has a consumer Windows Phone app that you can use today.  Here is the link to install the Fly Delta app.

The Windows Phone momentum might have been slow to start, but you are seeing increased acceleration thanks to the beautiful, simple, and connected design of the software and the gorgeous devices from Nokia, HTC, and others.

More and more enterprises are adopting Windows Phones as they provide enterprises an end-to-end solution with security in mind; likewise, consumers are starting to see the real value in the devices as well.  Did you know that Windows Phone is the 2nd most widely used mobile platform in Latin America?  Here’s is the press release.

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Smartphone of the Year?

Engadget Reader’s Choice smartphone of the year goes to the Windows Phone – the Nokia Lumia 920.  Yes, you read that correctly.

I love this phone and love the partnership with Nokia.  Nokia adds great apps to the overall Windows Phone ecosystem.  Watch the video.


And take a look at how the new iOS7 compares to the Windows Phone as described by WMPowerUser:  New iOS7 should be instantly familiar… to Windows Phone users.

even Apple acknowledged that Windows Phone was their closest competitor for satisfying users.  No wonder they decided to copy our OS while trying to improve theirs.

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TouchDevelop–Create apps on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


imageTouchDevelop is a programming environment that runs on iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Windows Phone. If you have a mobile device, you write scripts by tapping on the screen. You do not need a separate PC or keyboard. Scripts can perform various tasks similar to regular apps. Any TouchDevelop user can install, run, edit, and publish scripts. You can share your scripts with other people by publishing them to the TouchDevelop script bazaar, or by submitting them as an app to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store.   TouchDevelop targets students, hobbyists, power users, and developers.


To help you jump in with the TouchDevelop environment, Microsoft Research Connections announced the release of the book, TouchDevelop—Programming on the Go.  It is available in print form, as an e-book, and on the web.

From the web – TouchDevelop has reached new heights as the only programming environment on mobile touch devices that creates apps directly for the Windows Marketplace. This book is a comprehensive guide on how to use TouchDevelop to write fun, productive apps that make full use of a device’s audio, camera, sensors, and so on.  Read the blog.

Watch the promo video on TouchDevelop

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