Windows Tablets for Enterprise Total Economic Impact

Forrester has published a new document, Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Tablets – Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Windows Tablets for the Enterprise.”  Forrester collected data from 60 enterprise organizations currently using Windows or non-Windows tablets.  The subsequent analysis found a solid 128% ROI and many benefits specific to Windows devices: 46%... Continue Reading →

Tim Cook and Apple’s Fuzzy Math

I am now back at home in Michigan (arrived Sunday morning after my 24 hours of travel from Nairobi Kenya) and decided to use Monday as a recovery day from my two week work engagement in Kenya. On Monday, I decided to watch Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 14 Keynote.  It took Tim Cook a total... Continue Reading →

Revamped Studio–Fox News Embraces Windows 8

Yesterday, Shepard Smith introduced his new Studio where he highlighted their re-worked News Desk.  The newsroom is outfitted with a number of BATS (big area touchscreens) which are 55-inch Windows 8 devices. You can watch the 5-minute video which showcases the new studio and you will notice that the devices are Windows 8. There were... Continue Reading →

Turn ANY surface into a Touch Screen

I first want to thank my colleague, Adam Ward, for bringing this to my attention.  I had a discussion with him earlier this week when he asked if I had seen or heard about a company, Ubi Interactive, that has a product that could turn any surface into a touch screen.  During that conversation, we... Continue Reading →

Windows 8–Fighter Pilot Tested

I came across this interesting video and thought I would share with you.  There is no doubt that I’m a fan of Windows 8 and I think it brings a lot of great use cases for people and organizations.  It’s a quick 90 second video that I thought would showcase a unique reference story for... Continue Reading →

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