American Greetings Windows 8 App

AGInteractive, a subsidiary of American Greetings, has just published their justWink Windows 8 application.  The reviews are overall positive; however, there are concerns that some of the creation capabilities have sexual innuendos and the user of the application should be aware. The design of the application looks great and should be a perfect application for... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: Stephen Legler’s Technology Blog

This WordPress blog is now available as a Windows 8 application (once it completes the Microsoft Certification Process… estimated April 18, 2013).  Please read the Privacy Statement below. This blog is now touch-optimized as a Windows 8 Application “Stephen Legler’s Technology Blog.”  The application allows for you to have a reader experience and leverages the... Continue Reading →

Microsoft OneNote updated for Windows 8

As of March 21, 2013, Microsoft released an update to OneNote for Windows 8 which brings forth better Pen and Ink improvements and support for Office 365 notebooks.  I was going to write a pretty elaborate post on Microsoft OneNote (one of my favorite solutions), but I felt that Paul Thurrot’s post, Windows 8/RT App... Continue Reading →

Microsoft HealthVault–Windows 8 App

I’ve always been a big fan of HealthVault.  My usage of it increased when the HealthVault app was released for the Windows Phone platform.  Now, Microsoft has released the HealthVault app for Windows 8. For those of you that are not familiar with HealthVault, HealthVault is a “trusted place to gather, store, and share health... Continue Reading →

SAP embraces Windows 8

[Original Post on 3/22/2013.  Updated on 8/22/2013 to include SAP EMR Unwired and SAP Sales Pipeline Simulator] You may ask yourself if Windows 8 is ready for businesses… or, are businesses ready for Windows 8?  I would challenge you that if you aren’t considering Windows 8, you are doing a disservice to your organization.  Windows... Continue Reading →

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