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MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10

All Good Things Must Come To An End Well, I hope that isn’t the case.  Today is my last work day in Kenya and my flight leaves tomorrow, Saturday, night around 10:30p.  I have made a few great relationships that I hope will last… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10”

MySkills4Afrika – Summary Posts

I still need to complete a few posts as I have recently finished my 2 week engagement in Kenya as part of the MySkills4Afrika.  But, I thought I would go ahead and start creating my 1 Post that will list and highlight my experiences… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika – Summary Posts”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 09

When I started on my journey to Kenya, I packed my bags and packed my devices.  Although I’m here on business, there is no doubt that I wanted to be a tourist as well.  For most that means packing your overly expensive and rather… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 09”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 08

It’s Friday… my last full day of work in Kenya has been completed.  I still have a few more journal entries I want to write about but it may take me a few days to get them completed and posted.  On Saturday, I will… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 08”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 07

I’m having to skip my Monday customer journal entry as I’m waiting on a few details so I decided to go ahead and post about my Tuesday customer experience. Last Friday, I had mentioned that I presented to two groups at the Microsoft Kenya… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 07”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 06

It’s Monday and it is time for me to get back to work.  For most in the United States, people will be off work today because it is a special federal holiday – Memorial Day.  Memorial Day isn’t a time of celebration.  It is… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 06”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 05

A Taste of Home Far, Far Away After our activities on Sunday (see MySkills4Afrika – Journal 04), David (my transporter) and I were heading to the hotel.  It was about 3:30 and I hadn’t had lunch yet because I ate such a late breakfast… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 05”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 04

Today, it is Sunday and I am expected to hit a few hotspots close to Nairobi Kenya.  On the list is the Elephant Orphanage, the Giraffe Center, the Karen Blixen Museum and possible others (which included the Nairobi View Point, Mamba Village, and Kazuri).… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 04”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 03

This was a big weekend for me.  It was my tourist starting point and I was going to take full advantage of the opportunity.  Monday through Friday I was focused on work and by the time I arrived back at the hotel, night had… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 03”

MySkills4Afrika–Journal 02

Well, it is the end of the week and it’s been busy.  If you read my Journal 01 post, a last left you with my trip heading to Tanzania Tuesday night.  I traveled with Mary, a local Devices Solutions Specialist for Education, to meet… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika–Journal 02”

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 01

It has now been a few days since I left my hometown and headed on an amazing journey to Kenya Africa.  I’ve never been to Africa and when I saw the opportunity to go as a Microsoft Volunteer as part of the #MySkills4Afrika initiative,… Continue Reading “MySkills4Afrika – Journal 01”

Today is the Day… #MySkills4Afrika

Stay tuned… I have so many things I hope to share over the next several days, I can’t wait.  Here is a sneak peak to hold you over.