Windows Tablets for Enterprise Total Economic Impact

Forrester has published a new document, Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Tablets – Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Windows Tablets for the Enterprise.”  Forrester collected data from 60 enterprise organizations currently using Windows or non-Windows tablets.  The subsequent analysis found a solid 128% ROI and many benefits specific to Windows devices: 46%... Continue Reading →

Low cost devices in Education and Government

A whitepaper has just been published on the “Microsoft in Education Blog” that helps frame the conversation more broadly than just cheap devices.  Focusing on four critical areas to public sector and education – Ease of Use, Security, Productivity, and Lifecycle – the 6-page whitepaper provides organizations with a serious look on achieving mobility benefits... Continue Reading →

Gartner: Windows 8.1

What is Gartner saying about Windows 8.1?  Michael A. Silver and Stephen Kleynhans posted the following on May 30, 2013. Windows 8.1 Could Become What Windows 8.0 Should Have Been Microsoft seeks to regain the confidence of Windows 8 detractors through Windows 8.1, which Gartner views as a significant improvement over its predecessor. Organizations should... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Tablets Ready for the Enterprise

This is a perfect follow-up to my posts last week - Comparing 3 Windows Tablets & Will the Windows 8 naysayers step aside, please.    On March 14, 2013, Moor Insights & Strategy (about) published a whitepaper that provides great insights into the enterprise readiness of Windows 8. I provided the direct link to the PDF... Continue Reading →

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