Microsoft IT Annual Report 2013

Does your company put together an IT Annual Report?  I know all public companies put together an annual report for the company as a whole, but I’ve never seen an IT Annual Report.  Microsoft IT has released their “Microsoft IT Annual Report 2013” and you can review it here.  The Microsoft IT Annual Report covers... Continue Reading →

Domino’s Pizza–A Case Study

A new case study was just published and was highlighted during Microsoft’s Management Summit this week.  A Michigan based company bets big with Windows Server and Hyper-V.  I can’t be more proud of this case study and knowing that they are just down the street in Ann Arbor.  Congratulations to Domino’s and Thank You.  Domino’s... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Heating Up; K-12 Embracing Windows 8

Things are starting to heat up for Windows 8.  StatCounter, which gathers information based on 3 million websites, estimates that the current Windows 8 install base is roughly 3.77 percent of all PCs worldwide.  This figure may not be earth shattering at the moment; especially compared to Windows 7’s 52 percent market share… but, with... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Tablets Ready for the Enterprise

This is a perfect follow-up to my posts last week - Comparing 3 Windows Tablets & Will the Windows 8 naysayers step aside, please.    On March 14, 2013, Moor Insights & Strategy (about) published a whitepaper that provides great insights into the enterprise readiness of Windows 8. I provided the direct link to the PDF... Continue Reading →

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