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Thank You–Simple Simon Said is #96

Just a quick thank you to all of you that have downloaded my game.  It is sitting at #96 in the “New & Rising Games” section in the Windows Store.  I know it is a super simple game on an old classic… and I need to get v3 (updated scoreboard and possibly an integrated leader board) out ASAP, but I truly appreciate those that have downloaded and played the game.  I have also captured a few comments to improve it as well.


I’ll try and get v3 out ASAP but it could take 2-3 weeks as I’m currently in Africa as a Microsoft Volunteer for the MySkills4Afika opportunity.

For those of you that have installed it, I would appreciate a rating (a kind, generous rating).

For those of you that haven’t installed it yet, you can find it here.  A thousand thanks for doing so.

I’m also trying to get out my very first platform game… super pumped about that one… details coming soon!!!

Many Thanks!!!


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