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Calibrate for Accuracy–Microsoft Band

I’ve had my Microsoft Band for about one week… unfortunately, I’ve been traveling quite a bit since I got it… and haven’t really taken it through its paces.  Today, while at home watching the Detroit Lions, I thought I would take a spin on the treadmill.

After a quick 1 mile (well 1 mile for the Microsoft Band), I noticed that on the treadmill I traveled 1.25 miles.  My treadmill is absolutely more accurate.  In doing some research to see how can I calibrate my stride, etc. to make the Microsoft Band more accurate, I came across this article on Neowin:  You need to calibrate your Microsoft Band:  Here’s How.

(picture from Microsoft)

Hopefully this will save you some time and any frustration.  I’ve been really pleased so far with what I’m seeing… and more importantly, the potential of the Microsoft Health Platform.

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