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This post is part of my Side Hustle Series to help you brainstorm on available opportunities to increase your side income.


Fiverr was launched early 2010 by founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. In full disclosure, I have been a user of Fiverr; however, I am not a Seller or Seller of Services. I’ve used the service to find someone with graphics design expertise that could help me with a t-shirt design as well as to find a quick lawyer that could help me create some legalese documents (which have become the basis for the Terms of Service, Privacy, etc. for this blog). If you want to try out their services (a “buyer of services”) feel free to use my friend’s link which will give you up to $100 (based on 20% off your first order). Due to my positive user experience and with so many people looking for extra income as a possible result of a COVID impact or to try to just pay down debt, etc. I thought I would write a quick overview/review.

What is Fiverr?

In the simplest terms, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelance contractors. These contractors have expertise or a specific skillset that may be in demand or in need across the world. You can find expertise in Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyle and other various Industry expertise. Not only is there the broad categories referenced, but if you have a specific need in Graphic & Design, there is a broad range of subcategories so you can drill down to the exact expertise that you may need.

Fiverr Graphic & Design Subcategories

As an example, if you are needing assistance in Book Design, Fiverr will then provide a list of the freelance contractors (over 15,000 services at the time of this writing) for you to browse to see if someone may match your needs. You can also filter the selection based on Service Options, Seller Details, Budget, and Delivery time in addition to showcase specific Pro Services, Local Sellers, and Online Sellers by the toggle of a button.

Fiverr Book Design Services (seller name/id removed)

As you are drilling into the various freelancers, you will generally be given several options which may be broken down into their packages such as basic, standard, and premium. Glance through the table in the overview section or the tabs to easily see the differences in the offerings and then select the option that most matches your needs. Review any extras the freelancer is offering to customize your package and then just continue to check out. It’s that simple.

Fiverr Example of Book Design Packages

During my experience (based on memory), you are then connected with the contractor where you can provide additional clarity on your needs and then the contractor begins work. In my experience of two different use cases, both of the contractors went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with the end product. As I confirm completion of the project, I have an option to provide a tip, and it is highly encouraged and expected that you provide feedback.

[Since it has been awhile since I used the service, please let me know if you see any tweaks that need to be made to the purchasing process that I outlined]

One of the things that makes this service so powerful is the feedback engine (as mentioned, you are encouraged and expected to complete the rating). As you are scrolling through the various freelancers, you can review the feedback that has been submitted to see if this contractor is meeting or exceeding expectations to give you a sense of the work and attention to detail that you are hoping they will give to your project. In many cases, you will also be able to see examples of finished projects the freelancer has completed and wanted to showcase.

Example of Fiverr’s Feedback and Review System

I Want To Be A Freelance Contractor

I personally have not gone through the process, but in reviewing the information, Fiverr looks to make it super simple

  • Sign up which is free
  • Create your service offerings
  • Do the work (when you get a customer seeking your service)
  • Get paid at completion

Fiverr says they have over 200 categories to put your skills to use and they pay 80% of the transaction at the completion of the project. No need to worry about deadbeat clients and worrying how and when you will get paid. You get paid immediately once the order is completed.

You can find more information and to sign up at Fiverr’s Start Selling link.

If you have a skill and some extra time on your hand, try out Fiverr. As a buyer of the service, I’ve been overly pleased with how simple they were able to connect me with experts (professional and/or indie) with a specific skillset I was searching for at the time.

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