Favorite COVID Games

We are nearing 10 months of being completely sheltered during the COVID “pandemic.” Over the course of the last few months, there have been countless card games, board games, and dice games that we have played. But, there has been one game that has stood out the most during this season. Here at home, we call it trains. It has become quite common in our house to hear someone yelling down the hall “do you want to play trains?” And in many times, the response is a resounding “yes!”

The game isn’t trains, as the real name is Ticket To Ride. We have played this for countless hours. Subsequently, we’ve gone through the first board and are on our second one. We’ve purchased the expansion pack (yay for bigger cards) and we’ve also bought the European edition. The best thing about trains, I mean Ticket To Ride, is that with two players, you can play in about 30 to 35 minutes. As such, it is very common for my wife and I to whip out the board and get two games played while we eat our lunch together.

Monday’s we have family dinner (shhhh!). Our adult kiddos, that have also been quarantining, will come home for a home cooked meal prepared by my wonderful wife. After our meal, we will either gather around the living room to quickly catch-up or you may find us playing this game. Adding two additional players (making a total of 4+) opens up additional route capabilities that you don’t get when just playing with two players.

We are eager to hear what games have brought your family together over this season.

If you haven’t checked out trains, I would highly recommend it. Super easy, super fun. Below is an 11 minute “How To Play” trains if you would like to see the rules before purchasing.

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