Stephen Legler Blog Reboot

It’s been about 3.5 years since my last post on this personal blog site.  When I first launched my blog, it’s primary focus was on technology interests as an employee working for Microsoft.  Since the last post, my position has changed (from a Windows Technical Architect to a Surface Solutions Specialist) and the means by which I share information has changed.

For most business or technology interests, I have moved most of that content over to LinkedIn.  Since LinkedIn is the “Facebook for business,” I thought it was important to embrace this mode of communication to reach a broader audience that more closely align to my profession.

I’ve also started to leverage Twitter to share a more broad spectrum of interests (in 140 characters)… from technology interests to commenting on various personal interests (especially during sports tournaments or political debates).

Because of this direction, I have decided to direct this blog to more of my personal interests which could include my recent purchase of a Drone and passing the FAA 107 Drone Pilot Exam to allow me to operate the Drone for Commercial Purposes.  Other areas of interests include finances and helping those in their early years (i.e. 18-30) to begin saving for their retirement and changing their legacy.  This blog will serve the purpose for all of my random thoughts and interests that I would like to share for those that may have interest.

Hope you enjoy some of the content as I reboot my blog.  I will keep the old content (i.e. not delete it) but expect a major shift in purpose and content going forward.

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