MySkills4Afrika – Summary Posts

Legler_4AfrikaAlumni_v3 I still need to complete a few posts as I have recently finished my 2 week engagement in Kenya as part of the MySkills4Afrika.  But, I thought I would go ahead and start creating my 1 Post that will list and highlight my experiences just in case you don’t want to scroll through all of my posts at my website.  As always, thanks for visiting and reading.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 01
A quick summary of the first two days while in Kenya

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 02
A quick summary of my trip to Tanzania (from Kenya) and my silly shopping experience.  Also, a farewell to a new colleague I met while in Kenya.  Plus, visits to Nairobi University and Hillcrest

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 03
My Saturday trip to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and The Rift Valley View Point.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 04
My Sunday trip to the Nairobi View Point, Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum, Kazuri Ceramic Beads, and Mamba Village.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 05
My quick post titled “A Taste of Home Far, Far Away” where I ate at a local KFC (that’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Y’all).

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 06
My visit to the Nairobi National Park before work on Monday.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 07
My most awesome trip and experience visiting Karirana, The Home of Eden Tea.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 08
A quick post showing the number and location of the web visitors to my blog as a result of my MySkills4Afrika posts.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 09
A post on using my Nokia Lumia 1020 as my ONLY camera for pics and videos during my tourist trips to the Kenyan hotspots.

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 10
All Good Things Must Come To An End… or, do they?  My last work day in Kenya and a special invitation

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 11
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on Safety and Security

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 12
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on People

MySkills4Afrika – Journal 13
Coming Soon… Most likely a post on my Farewell

Thank you for visiting & reading. 

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