MySkills4Afrika–Journal 09

When I started on my journey to Kenya, I packed my bags and packed my devices.  Although I’m here on business, there is no doubt that I wanted to be a tourist as well.  For most that means packing your overly expensive and rather large camera (maybe it is a super sized Nikon) with your telephoto lens so you can make sure you capture that special picture.  Or, maybe you are packing your video camera so you can capture your experience for your family to see in videos.

I do own a very nice Nikon camera and a few expensive lenses that I could take with me on this journey.  However, majority of the time I find it quite bulky and a hassle to take.  For this experience, I opted to only take my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone.  You may recall that I did a post previously on the Lumia 1020:

How good is the Lumia 1020 for Videos

But, those were other peoples stories.  How does the phone stack up when I need it most?

My story starts at the Detroit airport.  When I was checking in my bags, the attendant saw my phone and asked me if the camera was as good as the commercials say it is.  I put it to the test.  I took a picture of the inside of the airport and then zoomed the picture in to show the attendant.  This is what I initially showed her:


Like you are probably thinking, she looked at me puzzled as the picture is a little distorted and pixelated.  But, I want to point out a few things about this picture.  You can definitely make out each of the three people that are forward facing in the picture and I would bet that you could pick them out of a line up if needed.  The story doesn’t end there.

I ended up zooming out of the picture and showed her the real picture that I took.


Based on this knowledge, how does the phone hold up at a Kenyan tourist destination?  Quite well I might suggest.


Here is the actual picture


As we were about to leave the park, we ran into this little beauty.

The quality of video in this post isn’t the best, but you can look at all of the High Res photos and High Def videos that I have captured with this camera… um, I mean phone by going to my OneDrive folder –  Select the “Location Specific” folder (which is where I stored all of the High Resolution Photos).  Once there, select the desired location of interest (i.e. Kenya Nairobi National Park, or Kenya Elephant Orphanage, or the Videos folder).

A few details about the phone.



4.5” Display
41 megapixel camera
Xenon Flash
Dual-core 1.5 GHz
ZEISS optics
Full High-Def 1080p (1920 x 1080)
30 fps Video Frame Rate
6X Video Zoom

You can see all of the tech specs at Nokia’s website

Why carry two devices (a phone and a camera)?  Make the switch to the most awesome Camera Phone on the market.


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