My First Windows 8 Game–Simple Simon Said


Late last night, I published my very first Windows 8 Game to the Windows Store.  It is available for any size Windows 8 device running on the ARM (Windows RT) or Intel (Windows 8, Pro, Ent) processor.

This is another simple game that I wanted to create to go through the exercise of creating something and publishing to Microsoft’s Windows Store.  It was created using Scirra’s Construct 2 toolset.

You can read through the details about the game regarding the Description, Game Play, Scoring, etc. from my Office 365 Externally Facing website.

This game was created in the week since I posted my very first Windows Phone Game – Factory Frenzy.  Soon, I hope to be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s new Universal Apps that will allow the game to be played on all platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, and XBOX).  You can learn more about Universal Apps from the blog – Windows Store universal Windows app opportunity.

I hope to update this game to v2 shortly.  Version 2 will focus on roaming the personal statistics and giving you the option to remove the in-game ads.

Please download the game, share it, etc.  I would like to see if I can get 500+ downloads of this game as well.

Here is an example Tweet (with Short URL):

Check out @smlegler Windows 8 game – Simple Simon Said. You can get it here


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