My First Windows Phone Game – Factory Frenzy

image Late last night, I published my very first Windows Phone Game to the Windows Phone Store.  It is available for Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices in over 140 countries.  I’ve personally tested the game on 3 Windows Phone Devices (not just the emulator) – Nokia Lumia 520, 1020, and 1520.  My next post will provide the details on how I created the game, the challenges I faced, and some information that may be able to help you expedite your game creation idea.

Just to set the record straight, I am a Microsoft employee… and am a hobbyist developer and graphics artist (at best).  In fact, I am probably insulting the true developers and artists.  Nevertheless, I love the Microsoft platform and am very excited that I was able to get my first game published.

You can read through the details about the game regarding the Description, Game Play, Scoring, etc. from my Office 365 Externally Facing website.  If you are reading this post (and have a Windows Phone), I would love for you to install and play it… I have a personal goal to see if I can get 500+ installs.  If I can get 500+ installs, I would like to create a monthly contest around High Score (i.e. if you have the high score for the month, you will receive a prize).  In fact, I created a Twitter Persona for this very purpose.

So, what is the game?  Yes, it is another one of those Flappy Bird knock-offs (with a small twist).  First, I played the Flappy Bird clone on Windows Phone and I hate it… maybe because I’m not that good at it… I can’t get past the 3rd obstacle.  Second, I wanted to make my version of Flappy Bird but make it a little easier to get past the obstacles.

I decided to create this particular game for two reasons:  1) I wanted something simple to create as I didn’t want to get involved in my bigger idea and be bogged down with learning the tool(s), and 2) most importantly I wanted to go through the experience of exporting the project from Scirra’s Construct 2 tool and going through the Windows Phone Store app submission process.

So, here is my game:  Factory Frenzy


For the game play, you control a bee that has been trapped in the factory avoiding obstacles as they come at you.  The differences from Flappy Bird are:

  • Bee vs. Bird.
  • Easier navigation (the gravity is more subtle than Flappy Bird)… you can actually score points.
  • Light Bulbs and Boxes on a conveyor belts vs. the Super Mario Brothers knockoff obstacles.
  • Every star (up to 5) that you collect increases your point value.  You start with one star and as you pass a light bulb you score 1 point.  When you collect your second star, you score 2 points… up until you get the maximum number of 5 stars.
  • Once you have all 5 stars, every additional star you collect provides a bonus of 10 points.
  • Once you gain 150+ points, the speed of the obstacles increases by 33%.

I know it is an overly simple game but I hope you will at least do me the favor/honor of downloading the game… and hopefully you can provide a favorable rating.  The game is FREE with built-in Advertising that I hope isn’t intrusive.

If you are willing to go the extra step, I would be grateful if you would share it on your Facebook Page or Twitter Page.  You could use something like:

Check out @FactoryFrenzy on Windows Phone Store #FreeTheBee


Stephen Legler


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