Flying High with Windows Devices




Delta is once again in the headlines with the recent press announcement with Microsoft.  Delta will equip its 11,000 pilots with the upcoming Surface 2 device that will fulfill the needs of an electronic flight bag.

The official Microsoft Press Release can be found here.  You can also read more about this announcement from the Windows Blog as well as the Surface Blog.

Delta will begin equipping their pilots flying the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 fleets later this year with anticipation to complete the 11,000 pilot transition by the end of 2014.  Delta calculated that they will be able to save $13 MILLION in fuel and associated costs PER YEAR by going paperless.

Delta’s electronic flight bag will leverage Jeppesen’s industry-leading FliteDeck Pro application built specifically for the Windows 8.1 platform. The interactive software gives flight crews quicker and more efficient access to key, real-time information and resources such as dynamic charts and navigation utilities which help them better manage the safe operation of their aircraft.

“Delivering digital flight information through FliteDeck Pro on the Surface tablet platform will increase situational awareness and improve operational efficiency for Air Lines,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management.  “This EFB integration program highlights a successful collaboration between , Microsoft and Jeppesen and we congratulate on the digital transformation of their flight deck operations.”

You can watch the Press video below.


On top of this recent announcement, I have also posted about the Delta Windows Phone consumer app, Flying the Friendly Skies with Windows Phone, as well as Delta equipping its airline attendants with Windows Phones, Delta Adopts Windows Phones for 19,000 airlines attendants.

Emirates Airlines

Another airline that chose Windows was Emirates Airlines.  Emirates Airlines choose the HP ElitePad 900 to offer better customer service for their passengers.  I originally posted about this several months ago under when I highlighted a number of customers choosing Windows Devices– Will the Windows 8 naysayers step aside, please?


Fighter Pilot Tested

Does Windows 8 and the Windows based devices have a compelling story?  Absolutely.  I’m really excited to see all of these great stories and that people are realizing the true value of the Windows, Devices, and Services platform.  To stay true to this article, I wanted to remind everyone about the Fighter Pilot Case Study that I referenced in a previous post as well – Windows 8 Fighter Pilot Tested.



If Windows and Windows-based devices can meet the demands of these customers, maybe they can meet your company’s demands.  It’s the only tablet that can blend work and play… a single device that end-users will love and provides the lower-cost option for your corporate budget – Are iPads jeopardizing your IT Budget?

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