I want to make sure you have seen one of the latest XBOX One Ads.  It’s getting a lot of praise and showcases the great story about the new entertainment system. Have you preordered your system yet? The countdown is underway!!!

Thanks Google–Using My Picture?

The Verge:  Google will start using your picture to sell products to friends Source Google users will soon find themselves unwittingly advertising products for the company, thanks to a massive change Google is making to its terms of service. First reported by the New York Times, the change categorizes a user's follows, comments, and +1s... Continue Reading →

Revamped Studio–Fox News Embraces Windows 8

Yesterday, Shepard Smith introduced his new Studio where he highlighted their re-worked News Desk.  The newsroom is outfitted with a number of BATS (big area touchscreens) which are 55-inch Windows 8 devices. You can watch the 5-minute video which showcases the new studio and you will notice that the devices are Windows 8. There were... Continue Reading →

Lumia 1020–Red Bull Art of Motion Video

How does your video camera stack up?  Better yet, how does your Mobile Phone’s video camera stack up?  Check out this video that was created by producer Claudiu Voicu.  The entire video was captured using three (3) Nokia Lumia 1020 devices. You can also read the story behind the video at:  Free runtastic!  Is this... Continue Reading →

Flying High with Windows Devices

Delta Delta is once again in the headlines with the recent press announcement with Microsoft.  Delta will equip its 11,000 pilots with the upcoming Surface 2 device that will fulfill the needs of an electronic flight bag. The official Microsoft Press Release can be found here.  You can also read more about this announcement from... Continue Reading →

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