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Low cost devices in Education and Government

A whitepaper has just been published on the “Microsoft in Education Blog” that helps frame the conversation more broadly than just cheap devices.  Focusing on four critical areas to public sector and education – Ease of Use, Security, Productivity, and Lifecycle – the 6-page whitepaper provides organizations with a serious look on achieving mobility benefits (but also securing valuable business information and controlling the IT costs).  You can get the whitepaper here.

From the blog,

A recent white paper from Microsoft compares Android vs Windows devices and shows that Windows devices are a superior choice, offering better security, a more productive experience for users AND an improved ability for IT to manage mobile devices WITHIN the boundaries of existing PC cost structure and technical infrastructure.

What are your thoughts?

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Microsoft Surface–Getting S* Done

*Stuff or sh@% – you decide

The Microsoft Surface isn’t just about fun or play.  It isn’t a device just for work.  It is the One Device for everything in your life.  AND – It’s a device that is the lower cost option and more easily supported by your company (read why).

Introducing the next generation of Microsoft Surface

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How to purchase Microsoft Surface for Enterprises


I had a quick discussion the other day with an enterprise customer when they mentioned that Microsoft makes it difficult to purchase the Surface devices for their Enterprise organization.  They loved the device but they didn’t want to go through all of the hassle to order 1 or order bulk.  This customer was still thinking they had to run down to the Microsoft Store or go to the online Microsoft Store to place an order.

That isn’t the case; in fact, that is the least preferred option.  The best way to purchase a Surface or Surface Pro device is through an authorized reseller.  From the Surface website, there are 10 listed resellers including CDW, En Point Technologies, PC Connection, softchoice, SHI, CompuCom, Insight, PCM, SoftMart, and Zones.  There’s even a BUY button by each one of these resellers to make it easy… go check it out.

The resellers are better equipped to manage your enterprise purchases for a number of reasons:

  • Leverage POs
  • Bulk Orders
  • Possible Imaging Capabilities
  • Accessories
  • Service Programs

If you are looking to purchase over 5,000 devices, contact your Microsoft Account Executive.

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Windows 8.1 Everywhere

A new commercial has recently been made available highlighting the flexibility of the Windows 8.1 experience.  I like this one… what are your thoughts?

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Surface 2 Launch Event

On left, an angled view of the Surface 2 with kickstand in the new reclined position. Further back and on right, an angled view of a Surface Pro 2 with purple Touch Cover and Surface Pen.

Unfortunately, I was away today so I haven’t had a chance to put together a post on the new Surface 2.  Until then, if you would like to watch the Surface 2 Launch Event On-Demand, you can watch the 1 hour 5 minutes video here.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Preparing for Windows 8.1 Deployment with ConfigMgr


Are you looking for ways to deploy Windows 8.1 to your Enterprise?  If so, the System Center Configuration Manager Team just published a blog on this that you may be interested if missed.

Support Questions about Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection

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Heartland Developer Days

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming Developer Days.


Join us for these free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers.

You’ll learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and get the knowledge you need to take your skills to the next level. Get up close and personal with the technologies you need to build innovative new applications and enjoy lots of time to talk shop with your peers. Check out the different events currently being offered near you and register today!



Build 2013 Highlights – The Best of Build!
Were you unable to attend Build 2013 and hear about the latest Microsoft product announcements for software developers? Never fear! In this session, we will give you the best of Build, covering the major announcements and technology innovations you need to know as a developer. We will show code and demos to get you up to speed on the latest with Windows 8.1, XAML, WinJS, Bing, Windows Azure, and Visual Studio.

9/24 – Southfield, MI | REGISTER NOW >>
9/25 – Columbus, OH | REGISTER NOW >>
11/22 – Independence, OH | REGISTER NOW >>



Monetization of Real-World Windows Apps
Often, as developers, we think of our pet software projects as a hobby. As it turns out, we have one of the most profitable hobbies in the history of hobbies! Billions of dollars have already been made by developers just like you that built an app for a mobile platform, and monetized it effectively. In this one-day event, we will share with you some modest and extreme success stories, some strategies for making money from your apps, and some technical instruction on exactly how to make that happen in your code. We will also demonstrate how easy it is to build one unified codebase that can used on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone.

10/22 – Southfield, MI | REGISTER NOW >>
11/6 – Columbus, OH | REGISTER NOW >>
12/4 – Independence, OH | REGISTER NOW >>



Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Code Sharing
Trying to wrap your head around app development across multiple platforms? Trying to capitalize on the opportunities in both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 marketplaces? Want to maximize your design and development resources and get to market better, faster, and stronger? Then come to this session and learn some real world techniques to maximize your efficiency of developing for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. See how you can minimize your development costs by maximizing sharing and reuse between the two platforms.

12/10 – Southfield, MI | REGISTER NOW >>



Windows 8 & Windows Phone Hands-on-Lab
Build your first Windows 8 apps with an accompanying app on Windows Phone! We will start from scratch to great a Windows 8 app that is powered by the cloud AND includes a Windows Phone version too!

11/20 – Columbus, OH | REGISTER NOW >>
11/22 – Southfield, MI | REGISTER NOW >>

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