SAP continues to move forward with Windows 8 Support

Last March, I did a post on SAP and their commitment to the Windows platform and to the Windows tablets.  At that time, SAP had published 6 apps to the Windows Store and have made a public commitment to move their sales force to the Microsoft Surface Pro for their mobility scenarios.

I want to quickly follow-up on that post as SAP continues to publish new apps for the Windows ecosystem.  I believe part of the interest and success includes native support of the rich Office Productivity applications, the ability to digitally ink (with Windows 8 Pro devices), and the security and management capabilities that enterprises struggle with as the demand for mobility increases.

For this quick update, the two new apps that are found in the Windows Store include:

SAP EMR Unwired


Per the details:

With the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app for Windows tablets, physicians and nurses have easy, secure access to patient data right at the point of care. The app connects to clinical back-end systems, including hospital information and imaging systems (PACS), and displays the patient’s data on the Windows tablet in a clear and easy-to-read format.

You can download the app and start using it immediately.

SAP Sales Pipeline Simulator


Per the details:

You can use the SAP Sales Pipeline Simulator mobile app for Windows tablets to check your sales pipeline anywhere and at anytime. This app accesses the SAP CRM application and allows sales reps to not only check their pipeline, but also to simulate changes to their pipeline and check how these changes affect their sales targets, right from their Windows tablet.

You can download this app as well.

Each of these apps can be downloaded and test with demo data.  So, go ahead and take a tour of these new applications from SAP.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have seen your info on sap.. Especially on sap pipeline simulator. The info you provided is very useful for any interested on sap. I am very much satisfied with your info

    The information you gave is very handy to get an Skill sets.
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