Delta adopts Windows Phones for 19,000 airlines attendants


Today, Delta published a press release that “more than 19,000 Delta Airlines attendants will begin using Windows Phone 8 handsets.”  The airlines attendants will be using these devices to better serve their customers, including:

  • Near real-time credit card processing for on-board purchases, including upgrades to Delta’s popular Economy Comfort seating. On-board Economy Comfort upgrades will begin on transcontinental and international flights before being offered on flights across Delta’s system
  • Convenient eReceipts  that can be emailed to customers
  • Customer’s use of pre-paid credit cards for on-board purchases
  • Quicker transaction processing times.
  • In the near future, the ability to read coupons displayed on a customer’s mobile device.
  • More efficient service recovery

Quote from Delta

“Delta’s 19,000 in-flight professionals are there for the safety and comfort of our customers, and equipping them with innovative solutions means they can better meet our customers’ needs on board every flight,” said Joanne Smith, senior vice president – In-Flight Service. “This is yet another way we’re investing in technology to improve the customer experience.”

Additionally, Delta has a consumer Windows Phone app that you can use today.  Here is the link to install the Fly Delta app.

The Windows Phone momentum might have been slow to start, but you are seeing increased acceleration thanks to the beautiful, simple, and connected design of the software and the gorgeous devices from Nokia, HTC, and others.

More and more enterprises are adopting Windows Phones as they provide enterprises an end-to-end solution with security in mind; likewise, consumers are starting to see the real value in the devices as well.  Did you know that Windows Phone is the 2nd most widely used mobile platform in Latin America?  Here’s is the press release.

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