Microsoft IT Annual Report 2013

Does your company put together an IT Annual Report?  I know all public companies put together an annual report for the company as a whole, but I’ve never seen an IT Annual Report.  Microsoft IT has released their “Microsoft IT Annual Report 2013” and you can review it here

imageThe Microsoft IT Annual Report covers 7 sections as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Agility
  • Ingenuity
  • Digitization
  • Security
  • Competitive Edge
  • Mobility

You are also able to download the interactive web report for offline viewing:

  • Offline Web Edition.  This version is 195 MB and contains all content, videos, and capabilities not requiring internet access.
  • Offline PDF Edition.  This version is 2.83 MB but only contains a subset of content, with no videos or other capabilities in a PDF reader.

What is the Microsoft IT Annual Report?

As described by Microsoft

In the report, we’ll share our experiences with you and invite you to meet us to discuss and share learnings.

This report comes at a time when CIOs are leading organizations into a new era of information technology.  IT is the epicenter of enabling new business models, providing differentiated services, and attracting and retaining customers to name a few CIO priorities.

Click one of the links above and dive into one or all of the areas highlighted.


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