Dell Commissioned Research – Tablets in Large Enterprises: Dell Latitude 10 with Windows 8 vs. Apple


Earlier this year, Dell commissioned a study by Principled Technologies to analyze the costs of Windows 8 Tablet devices (specifically the Dell Latitude 10) compared to Apple iPads for large enterprise organizations.

The analysis took into account both the one-time costs associated with setting up a new device (such as file and print support along with basic setup) as well as the ongoing support costs concerning the devices.

Their conclusion was:

When deciding which tablet your enterprise will invest in, it is essential to view the entire picture – including how much it will cost to manage over the years.  As our analysis and IT task testing demonstrates, the Windows 8-based Dell Latitude 10 tablet can provide an enterprise with great savings thanks to its ability to integrate into an existing enterprise environment.  Because this tablet supports the SCCM management tool that lets IT staff manage devices simultaneously, installing and updating software on a fleet of these tablets can take minutes rather than weeks.  Selecting a tablet that can cut management time in half can result in significant savings for the enterprise.


The 21 page report finds that the Dell Latitude 10 is:

  • 17X faster and 95% cheaper deployment
  • 85% cheaper to manage
  • 99% faster software updates

You can download the full report here.  Page 12 is the start of the appendix where the report provides details to:

  • Detailed System Configuration
  • Test Methodology
  • Deployment Scripts (which are the actual scripts to create, capture, and deploy with Windows 8 image to the Dell Latitude 10 tablets)

When budgets are tight, why increase costs and complexity in your organization.  Consider deploying a Windows 8 Tablet to simplify IT management and providing devices and experiences your end-users will love.

Image Source:  Referenced Report

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