American Greetings Windows 8 App

imageAGInteractive, a subsidiary of American Greetings, has just published their justWink Windows 8 application.  The reviews are overall positive; however, there are concerns that some of the creation capabilities have sexual innuendos and the user of the application should be aware.

The design of the application looks great and should be a perfect application for your arsenal.  It could definitely save your rear in a pinch – an easy way to not forget your loved ones for that special occasion (birthday, etc.).

Publisher Description

justWink lets you personalize and send awesome greeting cards from your Windows 8 device to your friends, family, and beyond, via email or Facebook.
Where no greeting card has gone before? We just went there.

Always have the perfect card at your fingertips—over 500 cards that will work for every who, what, where, and when in your crazy life!

Cards that shuffle between, funny, bold, cute, trendy, sassy, heartfelt, sweet, and beautiful. Cards that open and flip and make people smile just like real cards.

You can even customize these cards like you can any greeting card: Add your own note, drop in a photo, and even add your own signature (or finger doodle) for the authentic “I Actually Care About You” feel!

Get the App


image image image imageimage image


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