Windows 8: Work easy. Play Hard

By now, you probably have seen the Surface Pro commercial on TV a 100+ times. 


I’ve been happy with this commercial because I think it helps to set the tone of a more hip Microsoft.  Apple did a great job portraying Microsoft as the older, boring company with their “I’m a PC” television advertising campaign over the last several years and Microsoft definitely needs to step up the cool factor story.

Although I’m happy with the recent Surface Pro commercial, I think it misses the mark in telling the Windows 8 with Great Devices story.  I believe the only thing you are able to learn from the Surface Pro commercial is that Microsoft has a new tablet device – that has an integrated kickstand, with an attachable keyboard, and it does inking.

That was until tonight (at least for me).

A New Windows 8 Commercial

Tonight, I saw a new commercial on the TV.  It looks like this video has been out for about a month on the web and I have to admit I hadn’t seen it before.  During one of the commercial breaks for American Idol, they played a 30 second Windows 8 TV ad.  I personally think this commercial does a good job telling the Windows 8 story in about 2 minutes.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts… does the commercial hit or miss the mark?


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