Domino’s Pizza–A Case Study

Domino’s Pizza

A new case study was just published and was highlighted during Microsoft’s Management Summit this week.  A Michigan based company bets big with Windows Server and Hyper-V.  I can’t be more proud of this case study and knowing that they are just down the street in Ann Arbor. 

Congratulations to Domino’s and Thank You. 

Domino’s Pizza Case Study Video


To read or download the case study, please refer to Domino’s Pizza.

My Favorite Quotes from the Case Study:

Domino’s uses Microsoft System Center data center solutions to manage 15,000 servers with only two people, a huge efficiency achievement.

The switch to Hyper-V has translated into an improved online ordering experience for our customers, who are number-one to us. – Shane Casey, Domino’s Pizza franchise owner in San Diego and Los Angeles, California

If our store servers go down, a third of our business evaporates. It’s that simple. It’s absolutely critical that our store servers remain running, and with Hyper-V, we’ve reduced store downtime. – Lance Shinabarger, Vice President, Global Infrastructure

As more orders have moved online, our dependence on System Center has gone through the roof. – Lance Shinabarger, Vice President, Global Infrastructure

Read the official Microsoft Press Announcement:  Domino’s Pizza, Xerox, and Pedcor Count on Microsoft Hyper-V and Private Cloud

Are you considering the switch from VMWare?  Read the whitepaper:  Why Hyper-V?  Competitive Advantages of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V over VMWare vSphere 5.1

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