Game On: Temple Run lands on Windows Phone

It’s been nearly a week since Temple Run has landed for Windows Phone 8.  I am on vacation this week for my kid’s Spring Break and I have finally had an opportunity to play this very addictive game.  The FREE game can be viewed by going to the Windows Phone marketplace

I was able to capture a few screenshots while I played.  The game has you running from these crazed monkeys through a temple maze – running at a fast pace and overcoming obstacles of jumping, sliding, leaning, and turning where you get points for distance and gathering of coins. 

You are also able to cash in the coins you collected for some character upgrades… and, if you want, you have the option of spending a few dollars to get the upgrades sooner… fully taking advantage of the in-game app purchases.

image image imageimage imageimage image image image image    

The developers at Imangi Studios, LLC. did a fantastic job on getting this to the Windows Phone platform.  It is very responsive and is nicely done (unlike some of the other games that I’ve played recently…. i.e. Words with Friends).

I’m challenging my Windows Phone friends to post your score… can you beat me?  To be honest, I’m not quite sure if this is a good score or not… I was very disappointed I haven’t been able to pass 1,000,000 yet.












Overall, I give this game an Excellent Rating and want to thank the publishers at Imangi Studios, LLC. for getting this on the Windows Phone platform… now, may I ask, when is Temple Run 2 coming to Windows Phone?

In summary, The Challenge is on!!!!  How have you done?  Have you beaten my score?

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