Windows ecosystem has over 1.2+ million apps

My sensationalized headline for the month.  Yesterday, it was reported that Windows 8 crossed the 50,000 applications in the Windows Store.  This is a great milestone that was achieved in about 5 months since the launch of Windows 8.

It goes without saying that every time I give a presentation on Windows 8, I have someone immediately asking “How many apps does Windows 8 have?”  Usually, this is an attempt to try and showcase the quantity of apps compared to the iTunes store and Google’s Play Store.  Many times, I give the straight answer of “30,000” or “40,000” and now I can reply with over “50,000” applications.

The iTunes store boasts 700,000+ applications available.  Of those 700,000 apps, there are just over 300,000 that are developed specifically for the iPad device. 


We all know that the app stores are plagued with apps that nobody cares about.  Seriously, how many “Fart Apps” do you really need?  Sam Oliver from AppleInsider summarized it quite well in his article – 2/3 of Apple’s iOS App Store populated by ‘zombie’ apps, estimate finds.

Most of the applications on Apple’s iOS App Store are un-downloaded, unranked, and largely invisible software options.

These applications, estimated to account for around 400,000 on the App Store, have been dubbed “zombie” apps by new mobile analytics and ad firm Adeven and its Apptrace tool.

All of these conversations around the number of apps has has me thinking… is “50,000 apps” the revised number to give?  Yes, the Windows Store now has over 50,000 applications.  Did you know that the Windows Phone Marketplace has over 150,000 applications.  So, could my response in return be that there are over 200,000 applications available for Windows and Windows Phone?

Better yet.  Could I included the applications that are available for Windows 8 Professional that aren’t available on other platforms?  Steve Ballmer reported at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics show that there were “800,000 new unique Windows 7 applications” made available.  That was over 3 years ago.  I’ve since seen reports of over 1 million applications available but need to locate reference.

With this new understanding, can I accurately report that the Windows Ecosystem has over 1.2 Million applications available with the clarification of:

  • Windows 8 Professional – 1+ million (50,000+ Touch Optimized apps)
  • Windows Phone – 150,00+
  • Windows RT – 50,000+ Touch Optimized apps

I don’t think this is a stretch or false advertising.  It showcases the uniqueness of the Windows ecosystem.  It is the only platform that embraces today and the future while allowing for continued use of existing investments.

The Windows ecosystem provides the greatest flexibility to meet your personal and business needs.  Windows 8 was built with a touch first experience allowing you to embrace the new touch optimized Modern Applications from the Windows Store.  Windows 8 Professional provides a full desktop experience allowing for you to maximize your existing investments in your Windows 7 applications and games that are more geared for your mouse and keyboard.

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