Windows Phone Music Apps–Pandora and Spotify

Two of the more popular music apps have landed on the Windows Phone platform.  Spotify moved from beta to official release in early February and as of today, the Windows Phone platform now has Pandora.  For you music lovers, this should be good news.

If you are a music lover, I’m curious to know which music apps do you use most often… is it XBOX Music, Nokia Music, Rdio, or some other app?


imageToday, Pandora has released their long awaited music app to the Windows Phone Store which also has a few features that are exclusive to the Windows Phone 8 platform – Live Tile that shows what is currently playing, ability to Pin your favorite stations to your Start screen, and integration with Kid’s Corner allowing for the filtering of songs.

Additionally, Pandora is providing an ad-free experience through December 21, 2013.  Read the announcement from the Windows blog by Michael Stroh on this exciting announcement.

You can view and download Pandora from here.


image The popular music streaming service Spotify was release to the Windows Phone store in early February. 

You can read about the Spotify announcement from the Windows blog and also view or download Spotify from here.

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