Windows 8 Tips, Tricks, and more

Just a quick post on the available resources to get you up and running with Windows 8 more quickly.  Many of you have asked “where are the training resources” for Windows 8.  Hopefully these resources will be of value to you.


First, I recommend watching this 3 minute 25 second “Getting to Know Windows” video.

After you watch the video, take a look at these resources to help you become more familiar with the new Windows Operating System.

Windows 8 End User Training Brochure – 36 page PDF that provides you with a great overview of Windows 8 and its capabilities… and how to start using it immediately.

Windows 8 Quick Reference Card – 48 page PDF Quick Reference Card provides a basic introduction to Windows 8 key features.

Getting to know Windows – Several short videos to get you started.

Exploring Windows 8 Work Smart Guide – This guide provides a high-level overview of the exciting new features in the Windows 8 user interface.

Windows 8 shortcut keys Work Smart Guide – This guide provides a quick reference to the shortcut keys in the Windows 8 Start screen.

Using Windows IE10 Work Smart Guide – Internet Explorer 10, included in Windows 8, offers two browser experiences, a touch-optimized, modern-style experience and a classic desktop, web-browsing experience. This guide provides detailed instructions for using the Internet Explorer 10 modern experience, provides useful tips for working across both experiences, and discusses security and privacy.

Connecting a Microsoft Account to your domain account Work Smart Guide – This guide discusses how, with Windows 8, you can connect your Microsoft account to your corporate domain account. By connecting the accounts you can continue to sign in to your office PC with your domain (network) credentials, sync your Windows personalization settings across multiple PCs, and use a single sign-on for Windows Live services.

Protecting data with Windows 8 BitLocker Work Smart Guide – This guide discusses how to use Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption technology to protect your computer’s data, and prevents others from accessing your disk drives without authorization.

(Free E-Book)  Introducing Windows 8:  An Overview for IT Professionals – Based on final, release-to-manufacturing (RTM) software, this book introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based insights demonstrating how to plan for, implement, and maintain Windows 8 in an enterprise environment. Get the high-level information you need to begin preparing your deployment now.

Business Hub:  Insider Videos – A great series of short videos describing 1) Windows 8 Charms, 2) Switching between apps, 3) Customize your Start Screen, 4) Start & Desktop View, 5) Mouse and Keyboard Tips, 6) Share a Document with SkyDrive among many others.

Book:  “Windows 8 Inside Out” companion videos – Companion videos to the “Windows 8 Inside Out” book.  The book is available from Amazon and other retailers.

Windows 8 App:  Windows 8 Handbook – A Windows 8 App.  From the publisher “Windows 8 Handbook is a quick reference guide. Our bite-sized tutorials break down Windows 8 into easy to learn pieces. Through short videos and explanations you can learn the new touch and mouse gestures, as well as keyboard shortcuts that will make using Windows 8 fast and easy. Keep your Windows 8 Handbook on hand as a great reference and you’ll be a Windows 8 expert in no time.”

Windows 8 Zone – Download a 90-day evaluation of Windows 8 Enterprise with links to various resources.

Explore Windows 8 – Find out what’s new in Windows 8 and get an overview of key features for IT professionals.

Windows 8 Demonstrations – 8 quick over demonstrations including 1) Windows To Go, 2) BitLocker in Windows 8, 3) Mobile Broadband, 4) Secure Boot, 5) Storage Spaces, 6) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, 7) Windows 8 Deployment, and 8) Windows 8 Tablets for Business.

Windows 8 Jump Start – 6 Modules (approximately 6 hours) of in-depth Windows 8 training including 1) Tips & Tricks for IT Pros, 2) Windows 8 Deployment, 3) Access to Windows, 4) Anywhere Productivity, 5) Windows Apps, and 6) Recovery and Security.

Windows 8:  What IT Pros Should Know – 1 hour video roundtable.

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